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Welcome to The Backwoods Kitchen! My name is Cristina. I'm an outdoorsy Canadian girl who has next level passion for cooking and being in nature! Here you will find bits and pieces of me scattered throughout the blog, including food, fishing, game, and northern nature adventures. Thanks for stopping by!

Simple Basil Pizza Sauce

I loooooooove the smell and taste of fresh basil, so I packed TONS of it into this simple basil pizza sauce. Basil and oregano are the backbones for a really great pizza sauce (in my opinion) and if you have fresh [...]

Simple Basil Pizza Sauce 2017-03-08T16:48:51-05:00

Easy Homemade Pizza Dough

I found this recipe for Easy Homemade Pizza Dough while I was working at a cafe. Sounds strange, I know, but I was the baker for the cafe. I turned to my FAVOURITE BAKING BOOK EVER, and found the EASIEST, most [...]

Easy Homemade Pizza Dough 2017-03-04T16:11:05-05:00

Rum & Lime Soaked Fish Fillets

These rum & lime soaked fish fillets are a great dinner idea for something a little on the healthier side. They're light and delicious, and super easy to make (with almost NO clean up. AWESOME!). I've made salmon before [...]

Rum & Lime Soaked Fish Fillets 2017-03-04T16:11:06-05:00

The BEST Homemade Meaty Tomato Sauce

Pasta with Homemade sauce is something I could LITERALLY eat every day, forever. Especially meaty tomato sauce. There's something so comforting about that big bowl of delicious meaty, tomatoey carbs sitting in front of you at dinner time. SOOO good. But [...]

The BEST Homemade Meaty Tomato Sauce 2017-03-04T16:11:06-05:00

Garlicky Beer Mussels

I'm not going to lie. This recipe for Garlicky Beer Mussels was definitely improvised. And it turned out AWESOME. I had this AMAZING seafood feast when Cutler and I visited my zio and zia in Fort Lauterdale. EPIC was an understatement. [...]

Garlicky Beer Mussels 2017-03-04T16:11:06-05:00

No Fail One Hour Bread

Nothing makes me happier than good bread. Seriously, it's so simple, but SO GOOD! That's why I love this No Fail One Hour Bread recipe. Not only is it the easiest bread recipe ever really simple, from start to finish it's so quick [...]

No Fail One Hour Bread 2017-03-04T16:11:06-05:00

Spicy Crispy Grouse Nuggets

This recipe for Spicy Crispy Grouse Nuggets was inevitable. We hunted SO MUCH grouse this past season. We literally have at least 25 birds in the freezer. Mind you, they are very small and 2 birds per person is a decent [...]

Spicy Crispy Grouse Nuggets 2017-03-04T16:11:06-05:00

The GOOIEST Chocolate Syrup Brownies

These are hands down my favourite brownies to make. These Gooey Chocolate syrup brownies are like taking a bite into rich, decadent, chocolate heaven. Why chocolate syrup, you ask? In my year or so of working at an independent cafe, [...]

The GOOIEST Chocolate Syrup Brownies 2017-03-04T16:11:06-05:00

Oven Baked Lemon&Pepper Chicken Thighs

I am not a big chicken person. Don't get me wrong, chicken is a healthy source of protein. But if I buy parts of the chicken, it's almost always thighs instead of breast (I find them a [...]

Oven Baked Lemon&Pepper Chicken Thighs 2017-03-04T16:11:07-05:00