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All of the content I post on www.TheBackwoodsKitchen.com is 100% entirely created and written (unless indicated otherwise and properly linked back to original source, or use of free stock photo) by me.  All of my opinions and expressions are my own, and truly genuine. The images found on the site have all been taken by me, and belong to me, Any photos that aren’t mine will be CLEARLY indicated as so and given proper credit and link back. Please feel free to share my photos, under the agreement that you will be giving full credit back to me and The Backwoods Kitchen, including a link back.
Every single item and piece of equipment featured in this blog have been purchased by me with my own money. That being said, I am always open to chasing new opportunities, including having items gifted for honest 100% truthful reviews (and ONLY if the product fits the values of my blog,  or something I would have liked to purchase to try anyway). If this does occur I will be sure to update this disclosure and indicate CLEARLY in that post, items that were purchased, gifted, or provided by affiliates or 3rd party companies. Again, I take pride in my blog, and I love my readers, what I will always write my honest and truthful opinions.